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What are the fees associated with E-Travel? The fee is charged for a trip any combination of air, ferry, rental car, and hotel and consists of two components:. Travelers may add personal information such as mileage plan numbers, seating preferences, personal phone numbers, secure flight and emergency contact information to their profile in E-Travel Online. Charge card information will update automatically within two days once the cardholder activates their card. Travelers without Elite mileage status may request that an agent waitlist them for a flight. However, travelers with Elite status are given priority.

To simplify travel reimbursement processing by eliminating times and meal-by-meal construction on travel authorization expense reports.

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Travel Status starts at the time a traveler leaves their duty station during normal work hours or their residence outside normal work hours and ends when a traveler returns to their duty station during normal work hours or their residence outside normal work hours. Is the rate affected by the time of day that I leave or return? Are there any exceptions to this policy? The only exception are LTC members. LTC members will continue to follow contract section Out of state meals will follow the AAM If some of my meals are provided for me during my travel i.

The signature of the traveler certifies the facts on the travel authorization form and is sufficient to process the claim for payment. AAM Must departments rigidly adhere to the travel timeframes in AAM Individuals approving travel may use judgment in determining what departure times best serve the State. For example, for travel crossing several time zones, it may be beneficial to begin the travel the previous day so travelers are rested for the purpose of the trip.

Is the rental of a travel trailer considered commercial lodging, or noncommercial lodging? What is the appropriate per diem to pay a GGU or SU employee who is staying in their motor home while on long-term travel status within Alaska? If an employee is traveling to a village where there are no commercial lodging facilities, what per diem are they allowed?

If an employee travels to a location where it is known they will not incur lodging expenses consistent with the rate at which per diem was established, they are only allowed a per diem or reimbursement commensurate with the expenses they are likely to incur. If an employee is temporarily assigned for a few months to a duty station away from the normal duty station and residence, and returns to the residence in the interim, should the State pay long-term lodging allowance while at the residence?

If the employee is incurring expenses to pay for lodging at the temporary duty station and it is necessary to do so to retain the lodging for the duration of the assignment, the State pays the long-term lodging allowance even when the employee is at the residence. Does an employee who works in Anchorage and is assigned to Juneau during the Legislative session receive the long-term per diem rate for the entire time they are in Juneau, or do they receive the short-term per diem rate for the first 30 days and then receive the long-term per diem rate for all days after that?

If it is known from the outset of the trip that the employee will be in long-term travel status more than 30 consecutive days in a location with commercial facilities for long-term visitors , then the entire trip shall be at the long-term per diem rate. Short-term per diem would be used in circumstances where an employee travels to a location, begins the project, and then is required to stay longer than anticipated.

Even in this example, at the point it is known the employee will be there long enough to incur expenses comparable to those arising from the use of establishments catering to the long-term visitor; the long-term per diem rate should be used. However, this interpretation applies only to employees subject to the administrative manual provisions, as some of the bargaining agreements have different rules regarding long-term per diem.

A noncommercial lodging allowance is paid when travelers elect to stay in noncommercial lodging for short-term travel in state or out-of-state. Does this mean the traveler is to receive this allowance whether they ask for it or not, and even if they specifically state they do not want it? If it is mandated by the collective bargaining agreement, noncommercial lodging must be paid unless a letter of agreement to the contrary is signed between the union and the Division of Personnel and Labor Relations. If not mandated by the collective bargaining agreement, an employee may decline the payment of noncommercial lodging.

Noncovered employees who wish to decline the noncommercial lodging option may do so. This choice should be documented as part of the final travel reimbursement. For full days, the total amount for the location is used. The traveler is not entitled to the incidental amount on days that all meals are provided.

If an employee PSEA bargaining unit leaves their duty station on a trip, but is not required to obtain overnight lodging that first night because they are traveling overnight by plane, are they entitled to the lodging portion of the per diem for that first day? This was discussed with Labor Relations. The PSEA language is intending to reimburse costs for lodging. Therefore, if the employee incurs costs for lodging for that first day, they would be entitled to per diem for lodging.


However, if no overnight lodging is required then they are only entitled to the applicable meal allowance. Is an employee entitled to receive per diem upon arrival at the new duty station under the moving section policies in the Administrative Manual plus per diem while in business travel status during this same time period? For example, the employee's spouse remains at the duty station location looking for housing while the employee is traveling on State business.

An LTC employee is sent to a location for several days to perform inspections of a vendor's facilities. The vendor provides the employee with lodging and meals. Is the employee entitled to a per diem for lodging and meals? The LTC contract, section Since quarters were furnished, the employee is not entitled to the lodging portion of the per diem. Section A GGU employee is sent to a location on long-term travel. The employee is staying in a commercial facility hotel for a week until their long-term lodging facility is available.

A witness is entitled to the same per diem for lodging and meals as allowed State employees. In this instance, we have knowledge the employee is in long-term travel status at the beginning of the travel. Is a traveler entitled to a meal allowance if they awaited an outbound flight at the local airport on a day flights were delayed due to weather or mechanical problems? Should a traveler's meal allowance be reduced when meals are provided as part of travel costs the State is paying, such as at a conference or as part of lodging?

If the State has contracted with a facility to provide meals for their travelers while on State business, can they still collect the meal per diem? No, in this particular case, the State has a contract with the vendor to provide meals for the travelers. If an employee is on official travel status outside their duty station boundary , but that status is less than twelve hours, are they eligible to receive any allowance for meals?

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No, this would be considered a "day trip" and no allowance for meals would be provided, except for LTC employee in travel status at least ten hours. A traveler staying at the traveler's residence in a travel destination is entitled to receive a meal allowance for normal workdays. No allowance would be paid for lodging and no meal allowance would be paid for regular days off. Can an employee with an Anchorage duty station receive per diem for an overnight stay in Palmer or Girdwood? Generally not as both of these locations are within the mile radius used by the State of Alaska to define travel status.

Commissioners may make such exceptions to put employees in travel status for a business reason such as meeting or networking activities scheduled in the evening, or to avoid hazardous winter driving conditions. Exceptions of this nature must be in writing and include the justification.

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  • However, they would be considered taxable to the employee as they are not outside of their duty station boundary. The calculation example below assumes the employee was provided breakfast and lunch on two days. The Local Meal is prorated because the employee is not eligible for the full day meal allowance and the full Local Incidental is added. When a traveler stays longer at the State-authorized destination for personal reasons, it is a deviation with an extended stay. When a traveler goes to a different destination outside of the State-authorized destination, it is considered a personal deviation with a routing change.

    It depends. Employees traveling on State business that are authorized to include a personal deviation are not able to book travel through E-Travel or E-Travel Online if a personal form of payment is necessary for any portion of the trip or when the routing is different than the State authorized routing. Personal travel that includes an extended stay must use E-Travel when the department has approved the use of a State form of payment for the entire trip. If my trip includes personal travel with a routing change how do I book my airfare? The airfare must be booked and purchased by the traveler on their own time outside of E-Travel Online using a personal form of payment not the State One Card.

    A State-authorized fare quote must be obtained when the travel is approved for a price comparison to determine traveler reimbursement. Once travel is completed the traveler must present a copy of the ticket receipt or itinerary showing payment and the State-authorized fare quote to obtain reimbursement. What are my options if the personal travel is an extended stay at some point in the State-authorized routing? If the personal deviation is an extended stay at some point in State-authorized routing, departments may opt to pay for the combined trip State-authorized portion including the personal extension if the additional cost of the personal portion can be recovered from the traveler's reimbursement after travel is complete.

    A State-authorized fare quote must be obtained as a basis for determining the reimbursement amount.

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    If the department cannot or chooses not to collect the additional cost of the personal travel from reimbursement, the traveler will have to book the trip outside of E-Travel using a personal form of payment, and after obtaining a State-authorized fare quote for determining the reimbursement amount. Once travel is completed, the traveler must present a copy of the ticket receipt or itinerary showing payment and the State-authorized fare quote to obtain reimbursement.

    What is a State-authorized fare quote and how do I get one? A State-authorized fare quote is a quote that determines the cost of a State-authorized business trip without any personal travel. The fare quote may be obtained in E-Travel Online or by calling the travel management contractor at This fare quote will be sent back to the department and used to determine the amount of money reimbursed to the traveler once the travel has been completed.

    The State-authorized fare quote must be obtained prior to the purchase of the ticket for equivalent price comparison. What are the fees associated with a State-authorized fare quote?

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    • There is no fee for using the research option in E-Travel Online to save or print out a State-authorized fare quote. If the traveler or travel planner calls the travel management contractor for a fare quote when the travel is approved, the agent assistance fee will be charged to the State form of payment.

      If no State-authorized fare quote was obtained prior to travel, the travel planner will obtain a fare quote for the lowest fare for the State routing as part of completing the travel authorization, and the fee will be charged to the traveler. How much of the airfare cost will the State reimburse the traveler?

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      The State will reimburse the lesser amount of either the actual ticket cost or State-authorized fare quote after travel is complete. If cases where no fare quote was obtained prior to travel, the travel planner will call the contracted travel agency for a quote for the cheapest fare currently available for the State routing, and the State will pay the lesser of the actual ticket cost or the new quote, regardless of whether it was available previously.

      What if the State-authorized fare quote increases between the time it is submitted for approval and the time it is approved?

      Approvers should strive to take action quickly on requests to avoid increases of this nature. In cases of delayed approval, a new State-authorized fare quote may be obtained upon approval to provide the comparison fare for calculating the amount to be reimbursed the traveler. How much will the State reimburse the traveler for travel with deviation for personal convenience? Per diem, travel allowances, and reimbursements are calculated for the minimum business itinerary that is required to conduct state business without regard for the actual itinerary that includes the deviation for personal convenience.

      Can a traveler elect to stay over the weekend, collecting per diem and hotel if the total cost of the trip is less than returning on Friday? Generally not. Can a traveler elect to stay over the weekend, or use leave in conjunction with State travel? Yes, with prior approval.