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That was kind of nice. The year before that--let me go back once--I was in eighth grade and I was in summer school and had drama. I got to play Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream. I was real embarrassed.

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Puck is a fairy, an imp, and you wear tights. And I'm really conscious of my body image [laughs]. I was really self-conscious of wearing these tights. I remember that part.

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I was really good at it. So when I went into ninth grade, when I had the surgery, because he knew I was good at what I was doing he picked a play that I could be a part of. Body cast, wheelchair and all. I don't even remember the name of the play.

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Another interesting thing that happened in ninth grade is that in San Diego you have sex education in your gym class. Only, disabled kids in those days didn't have gym class because they were excused from gym class. So now the question was, "Well, how am I going to get sex education because I don't have gym class? What are we going to do? They pulled me out of one of my classes so I could have sex education. It was really embarrassing. Why couldn't they just let it go?

Yes, I was in drama. They pulled me out of drama class so I could have sex education [laughs].

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They had to tell the teacher what I was doing. I thought, "They could have not done that. You're a teenager; you're embarrassed enough. Sometimes I guess they don't handle things real well. Now if I was king, or queen, I wouldn't do it that way. It was okay because I was just a kid. I was just smart and doing my job and studying and doing well. I ran for office and was elected in junior high as secretary or treasurer of the class. They were trying to do a smallpox vaccine campaign, and I orchestrated it for the school. We did better than any other school in the district on vaccinations.

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  8. We really worked it hard. I guess I was always that way. Going back to sixth grade, I was in Campfire Girls. I was in regular elementary school in fifth and sixth grade. Each group in Campfire Girls was like ten or twelve girls. I really didn't feel like I belonged because I had been at this special school, and now I was at this regular school, and I really hadn't grown up with these kids.

    I was kind of an outsider. Not really an outcast but an outsider.

    Now I was going to Campfire Girls because one of the girls invited me along to come to their group. We were doing Campfire peanut sales. We had to sell six peanut containers, which is a case. I went home that night and sold the six that first night because my dad was getting a haircut and I went with him to the barber shop and I sold six. I thought, "I should go back to the leader's house and get more peanuts.

    This went on for a while. I went door-to-door on my crutches selling peanuts. I kid you not. Today I couldn't do that. But in those days I was able to do that [laughs]. And of course you can imagine the image of this little girl in Campfire Girl clothes on crutches lugging these peanuts [laughs]. I sold a ton of peanuts! I didn't realize the dynamics, of course. And you develop your salesmanship skills doing that. The Campfire Girls in my group were really competitive, and they weren't going to be outdone by this crippled kid.

    If I could sell fifty they could sell fifty-one. If I could sell , they could sell As a result, our group was the tenth best-selling group in the state of California [laughs]. You think about those implications of disabled worker in the workforce, and what does that do for morale and productivity? Those girls would never have sold as many peanuts had I not been there.

    High school. I got my body cast off in high school. I was in a body cast from the summer before ninth grade through just at the beginning of tenth grade. It was fifteen months. When you're in a body cast for fifteen months, what happens is your muscles atrophy, like in any cast you would be in. The muscles that atrophy when you're in a body cast are your back muscles.

    So now where they've done your back so that they stop the scoliosis, now you have no muscles to sit up with. I laid down in the car all the way home from the Shriners Hospital after they took off the cast. I couldn't attend school all day. I could not sit up all day. In fact, for about three weeks--maybe a month, I can't remember--I wound up going to the nurse's office and laying down almost every other class or every second class because I couldn't sit up all day.

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    So after three or four weeks it got to be where I could be in class all day.